Become a Kawa
About Ambassador Program
The program targets individuals who possess a strong enthusiasm for the SEI network and Kawa Finance, and have a genuine commitment to aiding us in our growth and accomplishments.
The primary objective of the program is to expand the project's outreach and establish a team of essential contributors who will drive the community and project forward.
Who You Are
  • You are deeply involved in the blockchain space and be passionate about SEI network.
  • You have knowledge about the crypto industry.
  • Eager to get more involved with the Kawa team and help the project grow.
  • You are highly motivated and a quick learner.
  • You want to impact the growth of Kawa Finance.
How You Can Contribute
Your Contribution
Spread the Word: Help increase the project's visibility by sharing information about Kawa Finance on your social media accounts. Write articles, create videos, create groups in your local language where you can discuss about the project, answer questions from group members.
Join the Community: Join Kawa Finance's official community channels such as Discord, Telegram, or Reddit to stay informed about updates and to participate in discussions with the community. Share your ideas, give feedback, and contribute to the conversation.
Support Development: Contribute to the development of Kawa Finance by providing feedback on the project's Github repository, suggesting improvements, or reporting bugs.
How It Works
Your Contribution
Once you become an ambassador, you will have the opportunity to advance to higher levels where you can take charge of your own category or region, and enjoy more benefits with the increase in responsibilities.
You want to become a Kawaian?
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